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New Patio Construction in Jacksonville, FL

Luxurious Patio Design Company in Jacksonville, FL

Patios designs are all about creating a space outside that feels like your very own getaway. It’s a place where you can gather with loved ones and enjoy beautiful days with a barbecue, a backyard party, all in the comfort of your backyard. Alpha Natural Stones Plus offers the best quality stone materials as a passionate patio design company in Jacksonville, FL. As most Floridians do, we thrive in the sun, so we’re dedicated to creating unique designs that cater to our customers.

Patio Design in Jacksonville, FL  

Breathe Life to Your Outdoor Space

Patios are great investments if you want to take advantage of every facet of your home. Opting for patio design to explore your options (pools, pagodas, outdoor kitchens, etc.) can liven up your backyard life and heighten your property's value. Whether you’re looking to sell or not, investing in attention to your outdoor space is always beneficial for you in the long run. You can count on us to work with you and create a custom patio that will bring your dreams to life.

We can work with a versatile selection of stone materials that promises its own unique aesthetic. We find that each customer has a different style they would like integrated into their backyard. Brick patios, stone patios, name your design and Alpha Natural Stones Plus has it for you. Contact us today to learn more about our luxurious patios.


Topping It off with Elegant Patio Covers

We also offer an array of patio cover options so you can enjoy your patio while staying protected from rain and excessive sun. Our team will put together the cover that complements your house’s existing style and serves as the perfect finishing touch to your patio. By the time we are finished, you’ll have the gorgeous patio that you’ll enjoy for many years to come. Please don’t hesitate to call us today to get started on your design options. We welcome the opportunity to get started on your next project. As our customer, your satisfaction is always our number one goal.

Contact us for an estimate on your new patio. We proudly serve customers in the Jacksonville, Florida, area.

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